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Archives and History


Our main focus today is to revise the church history so that it becomes a part of the everyday life of Asbury members. In order to do this, the committee needs researchers,   writers and an editor. This committee has to be able to add church history every year.


For more information about the Golden Connection Ministry contact Chairperson:  Sister Kay Gant

The Board of Trustees

The Trustees oversee, maintain and supervise all church property. They are also responsible in conjunction with the Pastor for all use of the church buildings and grounds.


The current Trustee Board consists of Bonnie Swann – Chairperson, Earl Page, Delores Ambush, Iva Wright, Rick Hall, Floyd Brown, Raymond Bowie, Gilbert Brooks and Charles Wars, Jr.


Cafe ministry desires to serve all persons with a light meal most Sundays after church. This meal is meant to provide all an opportunity to fellowship and enjoy varied cuisine that costs nothing but a smile.


For more information about the Café Ministry contact Chairperson:  Sister Tracy Bowie


The purpose of the Communication Ministry is to inform and educate members and non-members alike about the various events and services taking place at the church. We do this by publishing a quarterly newsletter the Asbury Herald, maintaining our social media presence by using both Facebook and Twitter and by monitoring and updating our website.


For more information about the Communication Ministry contact Chairperson: Sister Nina Rollins

Health and Welfare


Chairperson: Sister Willie Gardner

Higher Education/Campus Ministries


The goal of our committee is to provide educational support to Asbury graduates who are pursuing college or trade school after high school graduation.


For more information about the Higher Education/Campus Ministry contact Chairperson:



As Kitchen Chairperson, it is my responsibility to put together and coordinate menus with other chairpersons and the Pastor, prepare and oversee meals, as well as provide a serving staff. I generally prepare meals, except for Café meals, for the majority if not all church related functions. As Kitchen Chairperson, I am also responsible for providing serving staff for the families of Asbury’s deceased active members for their Repast, only if held at Asbury United Methodist Church (I do not provide meal preparations or staff if the Repast is held off-site).


The Kitchen does not have assigned team members; however, I do have some full-time and part-time volunteers who are available to assist me with the meal preparations and serving.


For more information about the Kitchen Ministry contact Chairperson:  Sister Tracy Bowie


Membership Ministry Duties


  • Maintain accurate membership records
  • Keep membership records current when changes occur
  • Communicate with inactive members
  • Attends monthly CDT meetings
  • Report membership changes at CDT meetings

Members please report changes in name, address, phone, email or if removing your membership to the Membership Chairperson in a timely manner.


Forms are in a box marked Membership Information Change Forms in the vestibule for you to complete. Put them in the membership mailbox in the office with any changes.


For more information about the Membership Ministry contact Chairperson:  Sister Phyllis Weedon

Sunday School/Vacation Bible School


Chairpersons: Sisters Dorothy Crews and Tyshawn Bowens


Chairperson: Charles Wars Jr.

Need a ride to church?  Contact Brother Charles Wars, Jr.  (301) 305-1429 or (240) 388-5089