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Connectional Discipleship Team

The Connectional Discipleship Table (CDT)

The CDT (Church Council, as The Book of Discipline names it) “shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church. It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life. … Within the context of the Church’s mission and purpose of the local church, the church council has primary responsibility for creating and sustaining the congregation’s plan for discipleship. ” Church Council Guidelines


Our focus is how we (1) ‘nurture children, youth, and adults in the Christian faith; (2) provide outreach opportunities for the congregation to respond to the needs of the local and global community; and (3) provide opportunities for the congregation’s witness to the love and grace of God.’ Church Council Guidelines


Nurturing helps us love God, outreaching helps us love each other, and witnessing provides us with opportunities to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.


Asbury’s CDT consists of the Pastor, the CDT Chairperson, the Chairperson of each ministry, the Financial Secretary, the Recording Secretary, the Representative to the Annual Conference and the Youth Representative. CDT meetings are the fourth Saturday of each month, at 9 a.m. the social hall. Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly meetings.



CDT Members:

Tracy Bowie– Recording Secretary


Wayne Wars- Men Who Care


Georgette Ambush- Missions


DeVese Beverly- Representative to Annual Conference


Bonnie Swann- Financial Secretary


Tracy Bowie- Kitchen


Kay Gant- Archives and History


Cornelia Dickerson-Golden Connection


Nina Rollins- Communications




Rose Chaney- Church Administrator, Evangelism


Dorothy Crews- Sunday School, Vacation Bible School (VBS)


Dorothy Crews- Intentional Faith Development (IFD)


Willie Gardner-Lay Leadership Vice-chairperson


Leslee Bailey- Youth


Tracy Bowie- Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)


Pamela Hawkins- Lay Leader, Worship, Lay Speaker


OPEN– Higher Education


Tyray Brightful – Youth Representative


Tracy Bowie-United Methodist Women


Anthony Skinner- Joshua Enrichment Program


Patricia Lockard-Treasurer


Bonnie Swann- Trustees


Dorothy Crews- CDT


Phyllis Weedon- Membership

Staff Parish Relations


The purpose of the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) for Asbury United Methodist Church is to provide leadership and management to encourage, strengthen, nurture, and support the pastor, staff and their families.


SPRC promotes unity in the church by serving as a liaison between the congregation and pastor and staff.


In addition SPRC provides various pastoral support functions such as pastor evaluation and identification of pastor continuing educational and spiritual renewal needs.


Another primary focus of SPRC is to develop job descriptions, and, human resources policies and procedures around hiring, evaluation, promotion, development and dismissal of staff personnel.  The committee also develops, submits, and monitors an annual budget including pastor and staff salary and benefits.


SPRC meets monthly on the first Thursday following Communion.  Currently the chair is Tracy Bowie.