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Lay Leaders


The Lay Leadership Committee is a group of nine members led by Pastor LaDelle Brooks. The primary mission is to help identify, develop, deploy, and evaluate leaders to serve in various positions in the church.  The committee members serve a 3-year term.

The current team includes: Sisters Hilda Diggs, Willie Gardner, Co-chair, Loretta Offord, Joyce Smallwood, Ellen Smedley, Arlene Wars, Kathleen Wars, Nicole Wars and Gloria Weedon.

The committee seeks to help persons discover their spiritual gifts and develop their leadership skills in order to become effective leaders.    Currently, the committee is engaging in an exciting project to organize the church membership into small groups based on the 12 months of the year.  Each group will be led or facilitated by co-chairs born in the specific month of birth.  We are in the process of identifying those persons.

Once the co-chairs have been identified, training and orientation for the small group leaders is being done by Sister Dorothy Crews.

A Kick-Off activity is planned for early Fall, with a Church-wide Birthday Party celebration featuring a table for each month, decorated to reflect the special feature or season of the specific month.  This will be an opportunity for the birth members to get to know each other and discuss plans the group’s activities.

Respectfully Submitted by Sister Willie Gardner, Co-chair

Lay Leadership

Lay Leader – Responsibilities are interpreting the actions and programs of the annual conference and the general church and communicating the vision and needs of the local church to the annual conference and general church. The primary focus of the lay leadership is to link the local church and community together.

For more information contact Chairperson:  Sister Pamela Hawkins