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Evangelism Ministry – Reaching out to people to relate them to God so they will begin a relationship with Jesus Christ; sending out disciples to let them know the good news of God, nurturing and welcoming those who fellowship with the church.

This ministry is composed of the following 3 teams:


Neighborhood Outreach
Chairperson: Rose Chaney
Mission: To reach out to those in the church neighborhood to encourage them to fellowship with the church, to let them know the Good News of the Lord and to be a resource for anyone seeking assistance.


The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry at Asbury UMC is to develop an understanding by all members of our congregation that “Hospitality is the Core of The Gospel”. We do this by conveying a clear invitation and statement of welcome by greeting and recognizing our visitors. We personally  provide conversation and material about the church. We also provide all members of the congregation with an opportunity to participate in the greeting and development of a relationship with visitors. Additionally, we provide opportunities for all members of the congregation to develop a relationship with each other. Furthermore, we develop a system for the Pastor of the church to receive, greet and pray with visitors at the end of the service. We also encourage love and care for everyone in our community by regularly showing the “Gift of Hospitality” by initiating phone calls, correspondence and visitation to all in need.


Membership Care
Chairperson: Iva Wright
To nurture and keep in contact with those who are ill, incarcerated or unable to attend services.


For more information  about the Evangelism Ministry contact Chairperson: Sister Rose Chaney


The Mission Ministries role is to help educate the congregation about the work of the United Methodist Church in God’s mission and provide opportunities for those congregation members to respond through prayer and stewardship of their time, talents and resources. We provide mission opportunities and awareness of both global and local missions through our mission moment presentations, mission education, mission experiences and mission support to our local communities and around the world.

For more information  about the Mission Ministry contact Chairperson: Sister Georgette Ambush